Drinks Menu


We have oatmilk (extra 40p), skimmed and full fat milks. We use full fat unless asked for different. Takeaway hot drinks available.

Flat white Coffee £3

Cappuccino £3

Latte £3

Americano £3

Double espresso/ Macchiato £2.75

Espresso £1.95

Mocha/Hot chocolate £3.95

Chai latte £3.25

Babycino £1

Mug of tea (Choose from mug wall) £1.95

Speciality/Herbal/Fruit tea £2.95

Lemon iced tea (Sweetened or unsweetened) £3.5

Iced coffee black or white (Sweetened or unsweetened) £3.5

Freshly squeezed orange juice £4.95

Ginger beer £3.25

Elderflower Pressé £3.25

Sparkling water £1.75

Tap water 0